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Client: The West Australian / WA Opera


  • To create two concepts for the client in line with their objectives & target audience
  • To write entertaining, compelling branded content that would attract a younger demographic to attend the opera
  • To simplify the storyline of the opera Don Giovanni using current trends and language, weaving in SEO keywords and links

Opera traditionally attracts a 45+ crowd, so we devised a concept with a modern twist that would resonate better with The West Australian’s younger online readership. This was the third time Glimmer Digital had been asked to write content on behalf of WA Opera.

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We’ve just received your content back from the client and they LOVE it!!!! Perfect! You’re a champion! Thank you for your efforts, you have done an absolutely stellar job. The client is very happy!!

Digital Marketing Specialist

Amazing! I love both concepts, and they are in the perfect branded content style.

Seven West Media

You’re an absolute pleasure to work with! Easy-going, organised and always willing and available to write the stories I need. You produce clean copy and have never, ever missed a deadline.

The West Australian newspaper

Our website LOOKS AWESOME! Thank you so much! So professional and way better than it was.  We are over the moon with the work you did for us!

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