3 ways to keep your webpage looking as fresh as a daisy

We’ve all heard that keeping your website up-to-date is important, but just how to go about it is quite another matter. These days, content creation are buzzwords in the marketing world and, with Google’s algorithms getting smarter & smarter, customised content is key to pushing your page up the Google rankings. So how do you do it? And, seriously, who has the time?

1. Add a News tab 

There’s always something going on behind-the-scenes in any business, so make sure you share it with the world! Posts to add to a website’s news tab can include anything from a new project or a new client to a team member’s birthday. Don’t forget to take some pics too to give the post some colour.

2. Moving pictures

That’s right, we’re talking video. It’s where the world is going, and is a quick & easy way to keep your web page current. Video is currently everywhere – social media platforms, online news outlets & YouTube – and we can see no sign of it stopping any time soon. There are plenty of video & editing apps these days to play with, so if words aren’t your vibe, go with images instead.

3Overhaul it

If you haven’t uploaded a new web post since 1994 & your page looks as clunky as an Oldsmobile, it might be time for a spruce-up. These days, websites should look bright & fresh, with lots of images and an easy-to-use page. It should also include links to your social media platforms.. and yes, you should have these set up too!

Your clients, prospective clients and the Google bots love new content. So why not give in and give it to them? If you’re finding it tricky to juggle working on your business at the same time as working in your business, why not give us a holler. We’ll be able to help you out with all your digital content, web tweaks & SEO needs. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Available globally.

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