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3 reasons why you should hire a copywriter for your website. Immediately

So you’ve bitten the bullet and had your business website professionally designed & built. Congratulations! Creating a shiny new website can be a time-consuming (not to mention costly) affair, yet you’d be surprised at how often people stop there. As copywriters, we can’t tell you how many tears we’ve shed over a spectacular-looking website that’s been ruined by misspelt words, poor grammar and lousy sentence structure. Not to mention a complete absence of SEO. Once a website design has been complete, the next step is to bring in the services of an experienced copywriter. Stat.

What’s a copywriter?


So what is a copywriter, you ask? A copywriter is a person who has mastered the craft of writing high-quality persuasive content. They are hired to write website copy, blogs, advertisements, promotional material, branded content and social media posts – all without coming across as too in-your-face-‘salesy’. Because your potential customers (and the Google bots) hate that. Here are 3 great reasons why you should seriously consider hiring one.

1. Copywriters can attract & engage your target audience

That’s right. Not only can copywriters write well, but they also know how to write for your target audience. Any copywriter worth their can of beans will be able to tailor your web content so that it hits your target market – no matter what your industry is. When you hire an experienced copywriter, you’re getting somebody who can put into words what you do, who you are and what products or services you offer, while at the same time attracting your target audience. In turn, this helps bring in quality organic traffic from Google and your social media platforms (which you can then turn into leads and sales). Clever, no?

2. Copywriters get all the technical jargon

You know what we’re talking about. Algorithms. SEO. Google bots. A professional copywriter will not only understand the tech-speak, but will be able to write your content keeping it all in mind. They’ll also keep on top of the ever-changing landscape that is Google, and write content that will optimise your chances of being seen by both search engines and your audience.

3. Copywriters will help rank your website higher

Yep. Copywriters understand that Google rewards those who deliver high-quality, original content on a regular basis. And they also know how to write content that’s fully-optimised for search engines (and people). This is where SEO copywriting comes into it. At Glimmer, we can help you identify the important keywords (and how to use them), keeping those search engines coming back for more.

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